Erika Everhart has worked in forensic biology and DNA for 15 years and had the opportunity to work in multiple laboratory systems. Ms. Everhart has extensive experience in casework analysis and technical review of biology/DNA data and case files.

Ms. Everhart has processed over 5,000 samples for DNA analysis including high profile cases, rush cases, cold cases, paternity cases and Y-STR cases. While working with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Ms. Everhart was the local CODIS administrator for three years in addition to processing cases for biology and DNA. She took the opportunity to work cold cases for the sexual assault and homicide units with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Her career also included being part of the sexual assault team utilizing male DNA screening of sexual assault kits for three years and eventually utilizing and consulting DNA cases for probabilistic genotyping (STRmix) with the Michigan State Police.

Ms. Everhart has testified as an expert witness in the areas of forensic biology and DNA over 40 times including male DNA screening and STRmix. She has testified as an expert at the state and federal levels for both prosecution and defense in the states of Florida and Michigan. In addition to expert testimony Ms. Everhart has also participated in over 30 depositions in the state of Florida.

Ms. Everhart has always believed in good quality forensics and the truth of the data. She is at position and opportunity to provide her extensive knowledge and experience as a forensic biology and DNA analyst and below is a list of services Ms. Everhart would be happy to provide. If there is a question or service not listed below please contact Ms. Everhart.


  • Provide Forensic Biology/DNA Consultation Services to Criminal Justice Agencies
  • Review of Case File Documents including Biology and DNA Results, Electronic Data, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)and Discovery Requests
  • Expert Witness Testimony/ Depositions
  • Consultation During Cross Examination of Opposing Council's Witness
  • Preparation of Questions for Trial

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